October 25, 2008

Saturday night

It's pouring tonight.. has been a bit gloomy outside all day actually. The ball game might just happen yet though..

I have to say that I think I might just be scarved out by now.. blue scarves for the children are on the sofa, along with a red scarf, and a couple of scarves I've made for my two girls.....

Also got some dishcloths done.. although I am thinking of making some soap and giving the two items together as Christmas gifts...

I think the camera is just about fixed now.. which is good.. I'll try and take some pictures tomorrow (or later tonight even) and I can do a "show and tell post" ...

Couldn't resist putting the pigs up at the top of the page... I just love pigs. I wish I had lots of know how about designing web pages though... maybe it'll come if I keep on trying, huh?


October 7, 2008

Still around...

Hi ... I'm back. Still in the land of the living.
And so is my daughter. :o) She's well on the mend now.. the stitches have been removed, and although she is still non weight bearing, it should only be a few more weeks until she's able to get around without the crutches.

Been busy while I took my internet break ..(I just wasn't really feeling 'it' lately, so that's why I decided to take a break from the computer a bit).. done a lot of knitting, a fair bit of reading.. have been bringing some plants indoors now, and preparing for the colder weather. Oh, and I managed to fix my camera, so there will be pictures again!

One thing I have discovered is these white chocolate chips. I have always had a love affair with white chocolate.. I don't remember if I have mentioned it before, but I am English, and just adore "Milky Bars" .. go here to see what I'm talking about ... and anyway, these chips, if you just let them melt away in your mouth, are the nearest things to heaven for me! Not so good for the hips, but wonderful for the psyche! lol

In other news.. this was my favourite haunt on laundry day.. just start the wash going at the laundromat, and then cross the road to get a wonderful cup of coffee... or a smoothie on hot summer days..
Indoors, you could sit and play checkers, or read.. or just sit...

But.. when I went to do my usual coffee run last weekend, the coffee shop was closed. It has changed hands, and I'll have to wait until this coming Saturday for it to reopen, with a new name... but I hope it'll basically stay the same...

Anyway, I'm done for this evening.. hoping that you are well, and I'll be around more, I promise!

September 15, 2008

Surgery Day

Yes.. that daughter of mine had screws and pins put in today.


She's come through ok... the doctor says she must take it real easy for the next couple of days, but he also says that she can go back to school on Thursday.

September 9, 2008

I'm still camera less... booooo......

So I haven't anything to show you really.

But... even so, I've been busy with the knitting. Even more busy than usual with it the last couple of days, as I took a two day vacation from work. ( Well, even if you're 40-something, you can still act a little bit like a kid, and take time off for your birthday, huh?) I'm working happily along on the scarves, and I got to take a little trip to my local yarn store, and bought some GORGEOUS sock yarn, so I have my first ever pair of socks on the needles too. I love the challenge!

Oh yes.. and do you remember that the store had their "knitting olympics" challenge? Well, when I went in, I took the scarves I made while the olympics were on, and I got a prize! A nice pair of stitching scissors. I didn't expect that!

On the family front, my daughter fell last week whilst playing kick ball with her friends, and now has a broken ankle. Today, she saw an orthopaedic surgeon, and had a CT scan done.. if the ligament has shifted too much, we're looking at surgery, I'm afraid.

Let's hope things aren't that bad....

Anyway, that's all for today.. I must go and get my lunch bag ready for tomorrow.

September 1, 2008

A beautiful Labor Day

Now, first of all, I have to say that I did not take these photos, because my poor little camera has died. But nonetheless, this is where The Man In My Life (TMIML) and I spent our Labor Day.

He has a sailboat - a sloop - here, and we were out on the water. It isn't a big boat... as TMIML told me - "It's a tad on the old and ugly side, just like the owner" ! I just shake my head at him when he says that.. I don't consider him ugly or old at all.. and I don't even think the boat is ugly! :o)
It was just such a beautiful day... the sun shone.... the breeze - umm... breezed... and we floated along so happily. Not always needing to talk to each other.. but just basking together in each others' company, and in the warm weather.

Just a totally perfect day.

Now, though, it's time to get ready for reality to hit in the morning.. /sigh

August 31, 2008

Animal Friends

Funny how the world works, isn't it?
I sat here last night, clicking away, trying to get a half way near decent picture of the goldfish who lives with me! :o) I'd already had the idea that I would do a post about animals, see...
And then, today, before I posted, I went over to visit Michelle's blog, and she has a lovely picture of her Trinity posted...
Anyway... this is about as good a picture of Mr. Chips as we are ever going to get... he was given to me by my neighbour's little 4th Grader daughter, who had won him at a fair.
And he's doing well... has grown a bunch since June too.

My landlord will not allow any other animals, other than my Mr Chips, but one day I hope to have a place where dogs, cats, fish and birds will all be welcome

I know these next two pictures are pretty bad - they're pictures of pictures actually. But I wanted to try and show some of my other animal friends... this is Nikki, with my daughter ..

She was a lovely girl... she'd been rescued from an animal shelter, and then her owner died, so she came to us. Oh, she was gorgeous. Sadly she developed cancer, and passed away in 2001. But, you know, for days afterwards, I thought she was with me.. I'd "feel" her lying across my feet in the evening, which is what she'd always do.. and then I'd feel her hop up onto the sofa, and lie her head in my lap...

And this is really a pitiful picture.. but my little cat. Oh, she was a treasure too. She lived such a long life.. and again, after she passed I felt her around...

She was very spoiled... loved to have her turkey dinner at Christmas... got lots of special treatment when she and I both flew over to the USA from England .. loved to drink cooled Bovril from a saucer, but hated milk and cream.. and I'm sure that she had a "mum radar" in her head, because she'd just seem to sense when I was arriving home from work, and would just appear in the parking lot, and hop into my basket, so she could have a "ride" back up to our home..

Really, I've been pretty blessed to have such loving and lovely animals enter into my life...

I love the thought that they are waiting for me to get to the Rainbow Bridge one day...

August 25, 2008

Kids' first day back at school today... I felt a bit sad about it in some ways.. another summer gone by already.... and so much not done. /sigh
They seem glad to be back though, and Number One daughter is already into volleyball practice... tomorrow I will need to pick her up at 5.. I had thought about going to watch, but she says she'd be mortified.. "I'd just DIE, mum" ... so I'll take along my knitting and sit in the parking lot probably!

Just a short little post today... nothing deep... some blogs are much more in depth than this one... I just don't feel ready to share the deep "stuff" yet... there's plenty of it though.
And anyway... the little men inside my head are too busy with the hammers pounding on the backside of my right eye, for me to think of typing for too much longer...